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Chili for 300

Chili for 300

My church does a program with other churches in our town called Community Dinners. It takes place every Sunday at a different church, providing a meal to the less fortunate. This week was our church’s week to host and we made chili. There was really no recipe, but let me tell you it looks good(we prepared it yesterday and are serving it today), so  thought I would give you a basic recipe.

Ground Lean Beef

Ground Venison

Red and Green Bell Peppers



Pinto Beans

Cannelloni Beans

Chick Peas

Black Beans


Tomato Juice

Tomato Puree

Cook beef and venison in large pot until browned. Drain off some to all fat and transfer to roasters. In frying pan combine peppers, onion and garlic and cook until they release some juices. Transfer to meat. Add all beans and tomatoes to meat and vegetable mixture. refrigerate until needed. $ hours before needed turn roasters on to heat chili mixture.

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