Sourdough Bread Adventure Part II and Cupcakes!

Tonight, I mixed up the starter into the beginning of the sourdough bread and made cupcakes with one of my friends. First the cupcakes. I used one of my favorite yellow cake recipes from the Betty Crocker cookbook called Starlight Cake. It has the taste and relative texture of a light and fluffy sugar cookie. I really enjoy it paired with a simple butter cream  icing. Now the sourdough; the recipe calls for letting the starter mixture sit for 8 hours, so I will make the bread tomorrow morning. I will post the rest of the recipe then along with the recipe(and pictures, I hope) for the cupcakes. No pictures of the bread again, as it is not very pretty or exciting to look at. I also found someone willing to take some starter when it is ready! Hopefully my sourdough experience will be a good one.



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